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I really liked the use of my poem "Smell You Later" within this larger piece. Pretty cool. Out of curiosity, where did you find my work? Do you own a copy of my book? Did you use a random generator tool that spiders the web? Here's a link where you can buy it, if interested: http://bit.ly/7hFzel — it came out a few weeks ago and was recently an SPD Poetry November 2009 bestseller.


D.W. Lichtenberg

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Dear D.W., my mission in this and the last portions of my longpoem-in-progress was to work through the SPD Nov bestseller list, googling each person and looking for "stuff". I don 't own your book but liked what I saw enough that I just might buy a copy. Unless, that is, you might consider a trade? Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed what I did.


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