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Geof Huth

Okay, John, you win the messy poem contest, but this certainly inspires me to greater messiness. Maybe soon.

I like how the poem breaks into clarity to, essentially, explain itself.


Rebecca Loudon

I've looked at this many times but was only able to read it today. To access it. Your poems are portals.

Books arrived yesterday many thank yous. I can't wait to stop what I'm doing (running in place) and have a good read.

I read Meat Science Monthly as Meat Science Monkeys and immediately wanted to tell you that I know that guy, the monkey guy, the important one here in city that houses the worst scientific primate study in the world. I teach his child violin lessons.


John Bloomberg-Rissman

Rebecca, I can proudly say that I'm from Chicago, where the Lincoln Park Zoo is famous for its primate environment. And, better yet, that when my mom was a kid, sho rode around on a trike with Bushman, I believe still the largest gorilla ever in captivity. I saw a photo once. I wish I knew where. It would be a great keepsake or her ... (she was probably tougher than Bushman ...)


How can you be more disgusting?What? Do you think arpmit hair is something to be cutlivated and grown? Are you gonna harvest it when you grow some more? Just water it daily, fertilize it every now and then, mow it every Saturday, and before you know it, you will have a nice lush arpmit lawn under your arms. Just beware of earthworms. They like nice warm enviroments like that.I don't want any more arpmit hair so don't ask me if I can grow some more.

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