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We will never solve the trolley problem.


damn. that was awesome. i have no idea what just happened but i liked it.

Edward Charles Baker


this one is a straight-through
you mean-uh-tell-me
filched every line from

the Ether-world?

write on!

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Ed, yeah, I filched em, and then I fucke with em ...

Bob, yeah the trolley problem is one tough ethical nut to crack ...

Thanks, Sam!


You learned to make leonamde . You made what could have been on ordeal sound like fun. I loved your photos. Have a great day. Blessings Mary


Beautiful pictures! Trim cherdlin Congrats to their parents!We'll take our annual Christmas Day photo again this year.HAPPY HOLIDAYS! TOFURKY FOR US TOMORROW, meal prepared by me all Vegan fare.

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