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good one...

Eddie Baker

NEAT! check out Dudley Fitts'
forward to Mary Barnard's SAPPHO

The Poet from Lesbos wrote:

non omnis moriar, magnaque pars mei
vitabit Libitinam

Mary Barnard's "take" on # 92:

Do you remeber

How a golden
broom grows on
the sea beaches

well, as Picasso said "all art is erotic"

Mary used to publish in Doug Calhoun's ODYSSEUS magazine

(I think) out of Portland, Oregone

anybody "out 'there'"
know Doug's


just re-shelving my 10,000
priceless books so fresh-in-mind
where Mary Barnard is...

right between to Hilda Morley
and Hettie Jones

nice "piece" Jay Blooming-RiseMan!


Is it just me that wants to make sure that its rllaey his body?? So that we dont have a slightly altered Kevin laioski living somewhere in South America with a Swiss bank account??anyone???sigh, just me then.and No, I dont think anyone responsible for destroying the number of lives he did deserves any respect, even in deathhe died, he didnt atone.just sayin


Thank you for the treirfic things that you do. You make everything look so easy. This is a treirfic place to look for resources!


Dru Thanks for reporting back! Based on your enialxatpon I agree with you. Only the columns associated with the option selected should print.Michael I appreciate you listening as we work with this tool. It appears the flood certification fee is $20 even when you switch to Cash financing. I'm under the impression the majority of cash deals don't get this certification. Hopefully other readers will comment.BTW to find the CCE in flexmls click on the Maps & Calcs menu option, then Calculators . A link to the new closing cost estimator will be staring you in the face!


You can always make picrute frames and stick magnets on the back. Put them on the fridge. Make your very own handy dandy chore charts or book covers. The mind boggles with the things a simple laminator can do. I'm just too dang lazy to do them.


What an awesome new toy! Getting a label maker has been toinppg my list, but suddenly a laminator is looking like a brilliant idea!What creative uses you've thought of - wow!


One time I saw her talking on her cellohpne outside of the 5th Ave./34th CUNY Graduate building. The cellohpne, while making perfect sense, had the effect of making her seem at the same time more human, and more legendary.

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