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Talk about risk! heheh. Thank you for including my words in your poem, and for making sure that I, also becoming ancient now, will not forget...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

A few more echoes to follow, Jean ...


Yay, it's Megan! Hopefully this leads to everyone using their blogs again? We can make it hppaen.I have a feeling I know who you're talking about in regards to getting the evil eye at work.


What you say about Free Fall is absolutely true, Mark. I also think the price is right for 150 plus coaglle images in full color. And, hey, you can't get them from anywhere else, can you?Going thru my purchase history at Lulu, I can see I just shopped for five different books. Besides the Piombino, there were two other Otolith titles (Leads by Rochelle Ratner, and The Case by Sheila E. Murphy) and two from Leevi Lehto's new venture, ntamo (Word in Progress by Aki Salmela, and Toinen runous by LL himself). This lot cost me all of 106 US dollars, delivered to my door (from Sevilla, Spain) in about ten days. In my mind, that's a very reasonable price.In comparison: I just bought seven poetry books (all used) from Amazon (UK) and they cost me ca. USD 140.One final thing: Leevi has a strict policy of No Free Copies to Anybody. Not friends, not colleagues, definitely NOT reviewers."One Satisfied Customer"

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