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I was at Ecole Champlain with you.Today I was thinking about the Operetta in 1971, La Fille de Madame Angot, and I found a renicdorg of one of the songs and, to my great surprise, found myself tearing up. So I googled Ecole Champlain and found all the pictures you posted on facebook, and thence to your website.I was a Junior in 1971 and a Moyenne in 1972. When I heard that the camp closed down I was devastated, couldn't bear to think of it not being there and so stopped thinking, wondering, what it had become. You were brave to go there and confront the change and muse back to who you were in a world that's no longer there. I preferred to keep my memories intact. For the same reason, I've never gone into a dorm at Bryn Mawr after it's been renovated; I want to remember it exactly as I lived it.Have you read Christa Wolf's great autobiographical novel *Patterns of Childhood*? The best piece of writing I know about what it means to confront the strangeness of that person who was once you.


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"Nonsense," said Harris Collins. "It's you that's getting old. He's got your goat, that's all. I'll show it to you.--Come on along, all of you. We'll take fifteen minutes off of the work, and I'll show you a show never seen in the show-ring. It'd be worth ten thousand a week anywhere . . . only it wouldn't last. Old Hannibal would turn up his toes out of sheer hurt feelings.-- Come on everybody! All hands! Fifteen minutes recess!"

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Denn ist die Dame erst einmal von Ihren Kusskunsten uberzeugt, wird auch sie sich bald nach mehr sehnen.
Jetzt ist er nach Amerika gegangen, um es mit seinem neuen Album The Fifth auch dort zu schaffen und am liebsten gleich uberall.
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