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Ernesto Priego

¡arroz! (para Tom)

tom beckett



hahah!!! That's great!!


Pin my tail and call me a donkey, that ralely helped.


The lauwsit against God is too close to what they will do to voters who have been evicted.Mais oui!


How come Nazi's have been welcomed by host naiotns around the world, while JEWS have been expelled 109 times, and counting.One thing about Ernst Zundel is that he speaks the truth. If his prognostications are also correct, JEWS will get the holoco$t at the hands of very well-armed Americans. I've been to many counties where the sheriffs will NEVER try, or allow the disarmament of his people. This fact, combined with the observation that the US now resembles 1930 s Germany, provides a clue to what lies ahead for the parasitic JEWbags.Not enough people are buying their BS anymore.


I read your response to the cveroage I had on the Nye-Gateway to Nevada's blog about CNN's story on Rissman with sincere interest. Of course I don't know Rissman at all nor did I serve with him or his unit in Afghanistan. (I served during the war in Korea or more accurately described as a police action. But I posted the CNN story because I wanted to amplify the difficulties of veterans with PTSD, homelessness and joblessness. Currently where I live in Nevada there are many veterans living here as well. Locally we read about homeless people in our community. I wanted to try to shine some light on that. I cannot, of course, vouch for the accuracy of CNN's choice of the person they used to to essentially do the same thing as I was doing. Irrespective of the veracity or lack thereof of Rissman's situation, the issue of managing returning veterans remains. But I thank you for your comments. I do believe in honesty, even if it is posted on the Internet.

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