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I have to say the whole time I kept wondering about why the Native American issue is never addressed. Is it just too complicated? Is that like opening a can of worms that has no way of closing again? My reaction to the settling of the West thing was the same as yours.

Ernesto Priego

Same here, but I also focused on the usage of "sweatshops". I suppose reminding Americans that the jeans and trainers they wear -and the oranges and apples they eat- are most of them the result of near-forced labor inside and outside the USA's borders would also be a bit too much truth to bear...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

E: Re: sweatshops: Obama wouldn't have said “Nor is the question before us whether the market is a force for good or ill. Its power to generate wealth and expand freedom is unmatched …” if he gave a damn about exploitation of labor ...

L: not only was the issue of native americans untouched, but when Kathy (tongue a little in cheek) said to me during the Williams/Copland piece, "why, it's like a regular little U.N. up there," I said, "oh, yeah, where are the latin americans, where are the arab americans??" she said, "come on, don't be ridiculous."


If you watch the inauguration you'll see the world's biggest assholes all dressed up... I spent the day listening to Bunny Wailer instead:

Trouble in the world and the world gone astray...

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