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Hans-Peter Feldmann...


gratuitous advice can be conceptual art!

John Bloomberg-Rissman




I was just havin' some fun with ya. But gratuitous advice as conceptual art. Think I have a new project! (Wonder if it'll get me beaten up ...)


Hi Alyson! It's a very good thing you weren't around my house dnurig my blog vanishes pity party .just ask Jeff it was (ahem) rather intense! I'm pretty good at trying to stay positive..but it felt really cathartic to write this piece and share what was going on inside my head I'm (still) learning it's best to let those gloom/doom thoughts on out since it makes room for the good stuff' to flood back in. The next installment of this tale will have your ears glowing..you and Cynthia figure prominently! Stay tuned and thanks again! ; )


Hi Darce, Jaime and Linda thanks for pnppiog in to read my monkey party tale I'm glad you guys liked it/could relate!I really do feel so much better sharing my experience and as I was writing I did see the humor in the whole thing. It's so much more fun to spar with the monkeys here on the page rather than my head! Hugs to you all! xo FcF

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