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Funnily enough just last week I wrote about the deenirfft blogging platforms but from a point of view of which one should be used. I definitely prefer WordPress (the self-hosted version) for a business or professional blog. Most importantly you own the data on it as you host it yourself rather than relying on the free hosted versions which could disappear at any point. WordPress also has the best SEO functionality in my mind.I started off with Blogger which is a great platform if you're starting out, but didn't like the fact you can't categorise posts as well as with other platforms such as WordPress and Typepad. You tag posts instead, and it can be a bit of a headache if you ever decide to transfer your Blogger blog to another platform (as in your tags become categories).I also use Posterous and Tumblr. Posterous is very easy and simple to use, but with fairly limited functionality. Tumblr I like, but is more of a community where you subscribe to other Tumblr blogs within your account. I think it really depends on what you want to use it for at the end of the day. A hobby blog doesn't need all the functions of WordPress and if you're not a techie and don't want to know about technical things, then a more simple blogging platform may be the best answer!


Christina I love what you have done with your Project Life album so far. Lots and Lots of inspiration and great ideas. I'm on the fence about sttniarg one of my own because i'm afraid I will I will not keep up with it. I have some questions for you though if you don't mind answering...How does the Kerri Bradford picture boards work? Do you print them yourself? Are they expensive? The cuts that you have from her line, are they cut with your silouette? I'd appreciate any advice you can give me on this especially on the photo boards because I truly love the look of it. You use it a lot and I really like that you can get more photos on a layout and it look so uniform. Maybe you can do a video on using Kerri Bradford's photo boards.. *hint, hint* LOLJowww.jwscrapshack.blogspot.comjoann6274@gmail.com


Thanks for the beams (?), Nancy!I am also really ineirgutd by the balance between being in control and allowing things to shape themselves. In the case of our wedding site, we are totally open to input from our community (friends and family), but we are still making the final decisions! As you can see, we've already had tons of helpful suggestions.I've been been thinking about some way to add an element to our ceremony that will somehow be dynamic and created in and by the moment. I haven't come up with it yet...

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