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Here's a funny story: the last time I mentioned WEAPONS in my "Out Of Office Reply" my manager got all bent out of shape and I had to go to counseling and then they got this thing called a "T-R-O"... so, bro, I know where you're comin' from!

John Bloomberg-Rissman

What's a T-R-O?


this is a strange heaven of words.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Oh, I get it ...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

The oh I get it is for Bob. This thank you is for Bea ...


It's easy to turn anything into a game. Depending on what mictmatahal function you want or need to teach the possibilities are endless.Tic-Tac-Toe can quickly become Tic-Tac-Math with pretty much the same rules. Instead of blank squares, each square holds a math problem and the person who answers correctly gets to claim' the square with their piece ( X or O ) and the possibilities are endless.Another game ( and this goes WAY back in history) is called Shut-the-Box. Now they have 2 versions that you can actually purchase since the game is making a come back, but the version I suggest requires nothing more than pencil/paper/dice something to use as a chip. This version also allows for more than 2 players.On your piece of paper you will put a series of squares -normally it's 9 squares but you can do more then you will label your squares with numbers. Sounds tricky, but the trick is to pick a math function ( + % x / ) *** the / stands for divide as my computer doesn't have a key for that***.Each person gets enough chips' so that they can cover each box and you can either give a set of dice to each person or they can share.When the dice are rolled you take the two numbers that appear and with whatever math function you've chosen the person who rolled will math-out' the answer ( 5 + 4 = 9 ) and then that person can either cover the 5, the 4 OR the 9 ( hint: once covered the number can't be used again) and the next person takes their turn.When a player covers every box on their gameboard, they shout out SHUT THE BOX' a


Very good advice - I've had sweet hook-ups with the IT guys. I've been given admin rgihts to my PC, allowed to IM at will, and had a blind eye turned to MySpace dalliances. I am also married to an IT guy so I rarely call in the IT guys for trivial things as I've learned to figure things out. The know if I call it's a real problem and come a running. :)


Note: This is all one big long analysis of what -I- think Edwin is doing, and what he'd pabbroly be worrying about. I could be totally off, but maybe it'll be helpful. I can hope Above, Danny suggested you look into other things that Edwin might want, and I think he was along the right track but, I think that introducing romance would be a hard thing to do unless handled very carefully, and that you can give him goals without going that far yet. Additionally, if Edwin did do romance, I think he would fall for someone he had respected for a good long time, and his/their feelings would sneak up on him for a long, long time before he noticed anything was going on. If I were writing it, I'd introduce that kind of character a long time before making the romance clear but hey, that's my 2 cents. Anyway! End tangent.I think that Topper, Edna, and Edwin's opinions of himself are the keys to keeping things interesting, making him human, and figuring out where he's going. Let's start with Edwin and Edna.Is Edwin happy with where he is in his life right now? I think not He was thinking about Edna a lot, during the latter half of his supervillainy kick. His entire villainous stint started right after Edna died as a reaction to his own sense of loss, to his anger at the world (and superheroes/villains in general) for taking Edna away from him. The world went one step too far, he got angry, and so he reached out to -change- something. but why?Edwin prides himself on being a reasonable and sensible man. He plans everything out, step by step, letter by letter except for this. Has he examined his own motives? If he did, would he be happy with what he found? I think not. He got angry, and reacted in an over-the-top way because he could.So. Edwin likes having not only goals, but detailed Plans that lead to Solutions. Has the entire stint at Omdemnity solved anything? Does he even know what he was trying to solve whether it's the world's problems, his sense of loss, his frustration at life? Or was it some confused combination of the above? (I don't include money on that list, because I believe Edwin brilliant enough to make it other ways, that don't ruin his reputation and life, if he so chose.)All of this is a long-winded way of bringing us around to the real question, one that Edwin himself knows quite well. His golden rule, the one he told Topper time and time again in various ways, the one that I think he broke.Did the benefits outweigh the costs?If they didn't, how does he feel, being as stupid' as any supervillain? What does he have to do to -make- the benefits outweigh the costs, and whose benefits will those be? He'll have an awfully long time to think about that, on some beach in the tropics..Now, back to Topper. How does he figure into all of this? How does Edwin feel that his only quasi-friend sold him out, for money and glory? How does Edwin feel about Topper now Annoyance? Disgust? Understanding? Something else? Does he still like the man? What's he going to do about it?And will he figure out what to do about Topper before or after he figures out his own motives? if he does?If something happens to Topper (either because of Edwin, or otherwise), Edwin is (probably) alone in this world again. How would that make him feel? How long has it been since he's been alone like that, if ever? Would that sway his opinions of or actions to Topper, at all?Edwin has a lot of soul-searching to do, I think. It's one of the costs of having a brilliant character, especially one with a dark side. and, sidenote. If my character analysis of Edwin, above, is on-the-spot Omdemnity may just be one of the most brilliantly over-the-top mid-life-crises ever, and wow would Edwin hate anyone noticing that. Reading up on that topic might be a handy idea-generator, as well.Loving the podcasts and looking forward to when they resume,-Reva

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