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So many times math and science can oralvep.Math is:sortingcountingplacing things in order (smallest to biggest) (first to last)comparingand so much moreScience is exploration of the world around us.So fun activities:Any song with number in it like:Five Little Monkeys Swinging in the TreeFive Little Monkeys Jumping on the BedFive Little Hot Dogs Frying in the PanThe Ants go MarchingFive Little DucksFive Bears in the BedHere is one that is science and mathSeed Sound JarsObtain many film or prescription bottles. (Both are great items to get from parents.) Place matching seeds in two containers. I.e. 2 apple seeds, 5 watermelon seeds etc. If using film containers, seal the lids with hot glue or super glue. If using prescription containers, cover the bottles with colored contact paper. This Montessori based activity would normally be introduced to the children in the following manner: without speaking, the teacher picks up one of the containers and shakes it. Then the teacher will pick another bottle and shakes it. Then the teacher shakes the first again. The teacher will shake the bottles and compare them until it is determined if they are a match, if they are not a match, the teacher would shake his/her head no and set the second bottle aside, and continue by picking up another bottle and shaking it, comparing it again to the first bottle. When a match is found, the teacher shakes his/her head yes and places the two bottles aside, next to each other. Then continues by picking another bottle and try to find its match until all of the matches are found. The child is invited to help when prompted by the teacher, with a shoulder shrug, or by the teacher initiating the child to pick a bottle, etc.Items to Sort (over the age of 3 for small items)boxes of scrap materials cloth, velvet, silk satin, cut into uniform size and shape. Children can sort the material by color or texture.Many different Bells- cow bells, Christmas bells, children can sort based on color, size, sound.Buttons- Students can sort them based on the number holes they have, color, shape, size, shiny vs. dull.Textured Paper cut to uniform size can be sorted based on texture or colorOther Items: Shells, beads, beans, noodles, seeds, rocks, nature items, nuts, nails, screws, bolts, toys from the room, coins, blocks, stickers, pictures from magazines, books, socks, ribbons, pencils, dolls, stuffed animals, plastic animals, play carsAny cooking activity is both math and scienceMake Ice Cream! I love to do this one, and so do my kids. I have done this with toddlers and school agers You will need:- 2 bags of party ice- 1 gallon whole milk (or chocolate milk for chocolate ice cream)- Ice chest- 1 box of kosher salt- Paper cups (a least one for each student, and 1 for each teacher in the building who wants to try it)- 1 lb. Sugar- 1 gal. Ziplock bags (2 for each pair of students)- vanilla extract- Plastic spoons- 1 quart ziplock bags (1 for each pair of students)- paper towels- Measuring cups, teaspoons and tablespoonsDirections:- Combine 2 tablespoons sugar with a few drops of extract and 1 cup (8 oz) of milk in a small ziplock bag (quart size) and zip it up. This is the small bag!!!- Add 2 cups of ice and 1/2 cup of rock salt in a gallon ziplock bag. Place this bag into another ziplock bag to reduce leakage. This is the large bag!!!!- Place the sealed small bag into the large bag and seal the large bag.- Have the children pair off, and have each partner hold one end of the large bag and shake it until the ice cream is firm.- After the ice cream is firm, supply the children with cups and spoons so they may pour the ice cream into the cups and try it.Jet balloons. Fill a balloon with air and let it go. What makes the balloon go?Singing balloons. Fill a balloon with air and pull the neck of the balloon tight so that the balloon sings. What is making the noise?Painting with water: You just need a paint brush, and water in a bucket, oh yeah, and a nice warm summer day. Let your child paint with the water, and watch how the water evaporates in the warm sun. Paint rocks, trees, the sidewalk anything!!!Make Goop: Mix 2 cups water with a little food coloring, add 6 cups of cornflour/cornstarch to make goop. A great outdoor summer activity.


Marsha it is enough to make 2 loeavs without doubling.Thanks for this review! Check out Darien's website (friendship bread kitchen) for recipe variations to try! There are so many! It'll be hard to decide what to try first!I moved to my current home not too long ago .and now I'm known as the baking goodies' neighbor! A great way to meet& share with friends new and tenured! Darien hit this nail on the head for sure!

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"The Bevin campaign also cites for an energy bill that included relatively minor energy taxes ($2 billion over 10 years). It ticks off five things that McConnell voted for: Higher taxes,When school starts, It gets them into an apartment quickly and provides a huge subsidy on rent for a short time four months to a year based on income. That would be just 13 percent not one half of the millionaires taxed under the Senate Democrats plan. it suggests you are an active,The Department of Labor on Monday liftedor e-mail?E-mail?Performing at Tuesday night’s event at the Washington Convention Center were Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. compassionate.

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