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Ernesto Priego

Wow, thanks! I'm honoured.


, I think I heard something like Stretchy Pants' but that doesn't make sense but now it does. Whew.My porn name is Ginger Hess. And I eonrdse your choice of Eminem, except where has he been? I often hum White America to myself in public places, bursting into song at I go on TRL, lookit all the hugs I get and it's weird how sometimes people look at me funny.[]


Hi Smoke! LOL MS39047. It's not Ablog Friday Orchid Blogging! Jees. LOL Well, *sucking lollipop*, if you lived in Maine right now, you too would be crvnaig some flower pictures and actual flowers! Trust me on this. This morning it was 65 below zero on Mt. Washington. And guess what? I don't live that far from there! I live in the foothills, man. Also, I heard the radio heads this morning talking about Caribou, Maine (near Canada on the northern border) and learned that this town has had 122 inches of snow. Sound high? Well, back in 1955 this town had 60 inches more than this! Yep! Right now they have 11 feet of snow, but their record is 17 feet.Anyways This morning I drove to work (over 30 miles or so one way) with my left tires on sand that the plow had spread in the MIDDLE of the road (the towns must be getting low on plowing money 'cause they're not sanding the WHOLE road now!) .and with my right tires on THICK WHITE ICE (yes, ice like you'd see frozen on a lake). I was driving so slow at one point I must have had 3,000 cars behind me. LOL Of course, we (me and the 3,000 cars behind me) came upon 2 accidents (in both cases, it was one car that lost control and went up and over the very high snow bank and used it like a jump because it's frozen solid! LOL), so I'm sure those thousands of people behind me today were grateful for me breaking the 'slowest car on the road' record.LMAO!Fun times here in tha wintah.


Someone? You mean an AMERICAblog reich winger did, Molly! Right? LOL It's eethir the right wing jackboot licking trolls who support George Bush & the GOP or it's a reich wing fake progressive/liberal on Ablog who did. See?Thanks Molly for saying something. Want to hear the funniest part? The trolls I've mentioned above keep telling me that my voice or opinions don't matter, my blog sucks and no one is reading it, so this makes me wonder all the time, why go around the Internet like they do eethir pretending to be me or making statements about me on other blogs? Oh that's right! I guess their summations are wrong. Ha ha.By the way, they all RUN BEHIND ME never in front of me. Okay, going to bed. Have a good night.


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