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I often read blogs while doing things like eniatg where it's hard for me to do a lot of typing. If my hands are free, I'm generally typing, not browsing. So that cuts down quite a bit on my commenting.I also only comment when I feel I have something to add. I don't do the nice post comments because I know when I get those comments I tend to be cynical and figure it's someone just trying to get their link out.On that note, I am more inclined to comment places where I think other commenters or the blogger might be interested in my site. It's a value-add for me, then. But I still follow the rule of only commenting if I have something to say because I don't want to be a spammer.Michelle


I have a 2 year old GSD Dakota who has started to ehibxit some aggressive/fearful behavior. She has been difficult to train but we have not given up. At times she will show me teeth and will growl and snarl when I put her in her crate. I have not harmed her in any way and am responsible with her training, socialization, and exercise. On the other hand she is extremely close to me and tends to favor me over my husband. We have two other dogs in the home who do not have these issues. It seems as though we have to treat her differently than every other dog in the home. She has snapped at the puppy during feeding time so we have adjusted their feeding schedule and areas. What are some things I can do to break her of the fear/aggression before it gets out of hand. I want my dog to trust me and at times I feel she does not. We have two females (2 y/o GSD, 9 week old Rottie) and one male (9 month old GSD) and from what it seems Dakota is the alpha female of their pack) MelissaMelissa, Ah, a new puppy in the house. Something changed. It's not unusual to see changes in behavior when the household changes.Because it sounds like this has just started, get her to a vet chiropractor. She may be hurt or ill. That could solve everything. Here's an article that I wrote some time ago with video of and links to vet chiropractors.Clicker training will show you that training is not only fun, it's fast and the dogs get it. It sounds to me that you're not communicating with this dog and treating her differently may be causing more problems. Get your supplies and training material here at .Please don't use traditional jerk and pull methods with your girl. Steer clear of TV shows that do any of that or put pressure on a dog to change behavior. If you use the methods that Cesar Millan teaches, you could wind up with a biting dog. Cesar is trying to move to the good and positive but he's not there yet so not doing what he does will be a lot better for your dog and your family.Find a positive trainer. Try contacting or for help.I hope this helps. When our dogs are no challenge, we don't learn more about dogs. Read everything you can that's written by a positive trainer, like Jean Donaldson. The more you know about your dogs, the better trainer you will become.It's entirely possible that you're accidentally training her to act fearful and aggressive. Get out a video camera and film everything for the next few weeks. You might even find that she isn't the problem at all, it could be one of the other dogs affecting her and making her act like that. Video is powerful. We get to see what really happened by slowing down the footage and we get to see how we reacted, too. Darcie

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