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Ernesto Priego

Wow. I love this.


thanks ernesto! and thanks john for posting :-)


I love this!


Beautifully done.


I was able to use Kindles in my classroom dirnug 2nd semester last school year. Here are a couple tricks I learned ..You can also download the Kindle AP (for free) to your computer and then, (if you are lucky enough to have one), can use your smart board or projector to project the book in your classroom for a whole group read. AND it will be in color.Multiple Kindles can be registered to the same acct. AND a book purchased can be downloaded to 6 different Kindles. SO, if you can talk some of your co-workers into sharing, you can use Kindles for small group instruction, too.I'm so excited this is being shared with other classrooms!


Julie, you are so right. Summer at the pool. Better than going to Woodstock. The only fear was the Lifeguard would judge your walk a run and make you sit down. Ha Ha. After being little kids, dnruig my days at the pool, you and Joe grew-up to be the much feared Lifeguards.


I could say that this modern days, names of baeibs are been follow to the popular names one of that is kindle. Now our modern world easily change maybe this time the word kindle is a hit name for baeibs.


On your poll, you left out the Kindle Keyboard from buying chocies. I plan to stick with that since I neither need nor want a touch screen and don't want the Kindle Fire, or anything that's back-lighted.My only decision is whether to wait long enough to save my survey gift certificates for the non-supported option, or to buy an ad-supported version that I could get sooner.There's no way I'd ever go for one of the non-keyboard options or for anything that's wi-fi only.

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