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What lovely work you're doing!
Thank you!


Actually there is. There are two different opontis to creating a blog. One is by using their built in software, which usually will aslo hos tit for you. Another is to install a software in your pc. It requires a bit of programming, but it has a lot more functions, than a built in, and you will need to host it yourself.WordPress.org is for the software where you download, and wordpress.com is for where it is built in and they will host it for you. I think you might have written .com as org by mistake.If you need a guide on how to create a blog from scratch, I recommend the website below. It's got lots of good information, and it also has a list of other blogging websites that are free for you to choose from.


when you doubt , are you talking about the prsneet or the past?There are many wars where people and countries were saved by the US military and its allies. A few world wars come to mind immediately, but many other smaller conflicts probably also qualify, unless you define saved way down.As for now, who knows? The prsneet wars have liberated millions from dictatorships; the question is whether it can last, whether the people can stay saved.

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