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Ernesto Priego

I love it. I wish I had thought of it!


you crack Moi up!

girl wheezing over boy grunting


Yay! :-)

Ernesto Priego

Hey, the Angelic-Summoner Herself commented on this reversal! And deservedly so! ;)


There's such an tension between the mystical and the humorously earthy and real here; it makes me laugh and shiver.


Thanks for the comment, Elizabeth. I appreciate it. :-)


To think the ENTIRE planet was flodoed, is plain outrageous. The world as refferenced from long long ago, could have simply been a very large land mass. (what was known as the world to that area back then) such as a country or two or three in the middle east. These ancient religous text have been translated and re-writen, thus taking it as word for word and set in stone is pretty closed minded.

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