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Ernesto Priego


tom beckett


This is the first tattoo I've ever seen that made any emotional sense at all to me.




looks awesome!

Ernesto Priego

NOW I'm jealous.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Thank you, everyone! Pictures of Klee's angel to come. I get that one on labor day. I hope this still makes sense to you, Tom ...


Cooool. I had expected to get a tatt around this time, 2008, but I find that I'm still thinkin about it...



richard lopez

that's fantastic tat. look forward to seeing the klee piece. i'm thinking of, at the age of 41, what to get for my fourth piece.

Ernesto Priego

Tattooed poets of the world unite!


Wherever we go in the storm of roses, thorns illuminate the night. And the thunder of a thousand leaves, once so quiet on the bushes,
is right at our heels.

Ingeborg Bachmann


actually I'm also interested in seeing the Klee piece because, in my youth, I was sort of obsessed with Klee, tried to paint like Klee, wrote poems about some of his art pieces, etc. My teens were difficult, and he provided a world I could fall into. Never even thought of Klee's work as a potential tatt -- but I can see it...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Jean, unfortunately pics of the Klee will have to wait. If you can believe it, Scott (the tatt artist) decided to take Labor Day off. Bastard. ;-) So I have to reschedule Tuesday.

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Wow this kind of tattoo looks different to the others. In fact I have one in my back,like a legend, and it's funny cause people like to keep reading my back.

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So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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Cooool. I had expected to get a tatt around this time, 2008, but I find that I'm still thinkin about it...

red bottom

I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)


The value of culture is its effect on character . It avails nothing unless it ennobles and strengthens that ,Its use is for life, Its aim is not beauty but goodness.
Somerset Maugham, British noverlist and dramatist


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