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Ernesto Priego

Yay! :)


Latest quarterly エルメス バッグ
results, planned at loyal trade rates, Hermes profits increased nearby エルメス 店舗
12.8% to 856.8 million euros, compared with 776.9 million euros in the yet duration in 2012, an cultivate of more than 11% of エルメス 財布 メンズ
the retail participants choose, but compared with sales in the prime residence of 2012, an expand of エルメス 財布
17.6%words, has slowed; at contemporaneous quid pro quo rates, Hermes in the first living quarters エルメス 財布 メンズ
proceeds proliferation of 10.3%, during the constantly of reciprocity scold fluctuations come by the comrades 19 million euros. エルメス 店舗
In summation, the company's retail エルメス 財布
medium sales enlargement of 13.6%, the wholesale moat sales multiply of 9.9%.


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