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I read about 1/3 of this around midnight last night, and will read the rest today. Wow, this is beautiful....

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Thank you, Jean!

Love Poems

For instance, there are gripping poems on the Iraq War and on environmental concerns. http://poems.postedpost.com/2008/10/09/rose-aylmer/


Helge Tennf8Hi Dirk, I really good post.I don’t know if this is head on revalent, but your article reminds me of this quote by John Steel: I also think we should be angered by the accountability mindset which means we are making more and more decisions based on what can be measured rather than what's important .And some stuff by Adrian Ho:“I now realize that’s the wrong question. I think that we can’t recognize what’s important until we start to measure it, and equally, we only see importance in the things that get measured.”My personal take on measurement online is that it’s a big box of black magic. The reason being the simplicity of measuring the simple stuff, and as this becomes the guidelines for successful executions we seem to end up with behavioral goals rather than finding out what influences the behavior. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not certain online is that easy to measure, it’s just really simple to measure the wrong stuff.BestHelge


Look at the table of contents beofre buying this book. There are nearly 50 countries in Europe. This book only mentions 10 of them. Of those mentioned many popular and interesting cities are omitted. For example in the Germany chapter there is no mention of Munich, for Belgium no Brussels or Antwerp, for Switzerland no Zurich or Geneva, and on and on. In fact only 22 cities/locales in all of Europe are mentioned. I travel to Europe frequently and prefer my Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring, nearly an encyclopedia for travelers in Europe. For individual countries and cities the Michelin Green Guides are without equal.


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