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I find myself reading this again through e's link and not realizing it's the same poem I read yesterday until the word Acropolis.

"To describe the situation....." to the end stuck with me yesterday and somehow I forgot the first part which is stuck with me today.

(you didn't by any chance change any of it did you?)

John Bloomberg-Rissman

No changes, lolabola. Am happy that it seemed new at least twice.

Ernesto Priego

Funny, I experienced the same thing. Are you sure you didn't change anything?

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Thinking back, I did make some changes. W/in an hour or two of first posting. Sorry guys, if I confused anyone, but ZS is my studio as well as my gallery. A lot happens in public.

ugg store

I can not believe that your opinions on this topic are so close to mine. Thank you for sharing it which make me more confidence on my stand.


Regulators tinkering at the mgnairs .bankster cabal still pulling the strings .no structural change imminent . nothing changes ..market corrections are met by PPT in coordinated effort with puppet politicians IE latest market drop met by Merkle and Co. with, we are going to do something, don't know what yet but we will think of something I am sure anyway enough to get the trading desks to bid up the markets in minimal volume market .mom and pops along for the ride their capital being drained daily .. shill asset managers and brokers still skimming management fees and trading costs off the top line it's a gatekeepers game sheeple beware!


I have never been 100% in cash for my entire remeretint accounts. But after viewing Ms Park's interviews from the Money Sh0w's Kate Stalter (wasn't she with IBD?) I did some back-testing on past commentaries dating back to the 2008-09 fiasco's and realized that Danielle seems to have a good grip of the grim situation ahead of us. Thanks Danielle. I'll patiently wait out this Bear. Thanks again for all your great work. Much appreciated. Merry Christmas to all.

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