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Hi Darc, a friend of mine just asked me what I give my dogs for flea and tick peierntvon, because I usually research the things I give my dogs. However, I have to admit i have not looked into flea preventatives, yet. What do you guys give the SitStay dogs? Are there any issues people should be aware of? NadjaDear Nadja, The SitStay Dogs use Frontline, it's reportedly the one with the fewest side effects of all. I hate having to do anything with chemicals but we live in an area where ticks are very happy to be. We will not live with ticks and fleas. We've tested some of the natural remedies like Sergeant's Sentry, which at the time was brand new and touted as natural and safe, it was a terrible test, it almost killed Tilli. The best thing that you can do is feed as natural a diet as you can, the dog's body will naturally repel parasites as best as each individual dog can. Dog's systems seem to be different. Tilli rarely ever had a tick, I had to sit with Dancer after every walk to hunt through her hair and take them off, I got really good at it. These dogs have never had fleas, except for Oliver who had them when I went to pick him up in Texas. You might like these two articles about and . Garlic, in moderation, too much can be harmful, seems to be a good supplement, it seems to repel the little creatures. I wish I had better news for you but generally if you're in a tick and flea infested part of the world, the spot ons make a difference. I wish it wasn't so. Darc

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