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word world wobble...reading space.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Thanks for visiting - and for providing a link to your photos - I like!


The technology is nice and I use it all the time, but we have bemcoe to relient on it. With a GPS why learn to read a map? The navy releys on GPS why learn to use a sextant. The Chinese have the ability to shoot down a satelite, GPS gone. We should learn the old way just in case.


Thanks You can use this method for PCB`s wihtuot solder mask wihtuot any problems. For leaded solder paste itb4s not so critical how accurately you dispense paste to the pads. You can even draw a solder paste line over the pads and surface tension will draw paste to the pads when solder melts. For lead-free solder paste itb4s important to dispense small solder paste dot directly to the pad and avoid any splatters between pads because of weaker surface tension.

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