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I say my head is sinnipng. I hate labels! HA! No, really, I go with PDD because I truly believe that a child with any of these issues, albeit mild, needs a multifaceted approach. SPD doesnt give them that, IMO. I am LOVING some OT help.... but it does nothing for some of the other issues.


The 1st thing you need to do that will help you understand your son the most and help guide him taowrds productive activities for sensory input is to get a copy of The Out of Sync Child. by Carol Kranowitz. This book will break down for you the different senses and what activities you need to do with your son to help with balance out his sensory system. Your son is hypo-sensitive, meaning he is not receiving enough sensory input. This has turned him into a sensory seeker and he will do dangerous and outrageous things to give his sensory system the input it needs. I read this book last spring and made it my mission to help me son regulate his system. We had to turn a room in our house into a mini sensory room and my son goes for a big hike each morning, swims 2 times a day and plays at the park each afternoon on top of the time we spend in the sensory room. I know this sounds like a lot. I slowly built up to this but he so much better. He can get out of control very easily if he doesn't have a productive way to gain sensory input, but its much easier to live a very active sensory lifestyle, then to constantly watch him like a hawk and be scared every second he is going to climb onto the roof or watch him run into walls.Another thing to look into is a neurological developmental therapy such as Handle or De Jong. These programs help rewire your son's brain so that eventually he will not need an intensive sensory program and his brain will actually regulate itself.I hope some of this big post helped. Get the book and follow the activities, it will help your son tremendously

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