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I am Gandré. I love your postmodern sharp briliant style and would like to post few words of your text in the BIO section of my hobby writer site www.writerscafe.org/writers/gandre I'm not 'published' writer, I never tried. I write and live philosophical, metaphysical text.

"Going astray, like alphabets that forget to
be afraid / Rub your eyes with a wave! / Such a thing might still take place.”
(Text by www.johnbr.com/zeitgeist_spam)

Will you allow me this? We also could have a phone call, I'd call so you don't have costs; however, I'd provide you with personal information. English is my 3rd language. I think, we have a connection, I adore your style even I write differently, I think the same. I so adore your vision I feel close.

When I don't hear anything from you within 1 week
(my email:

then I think you allowed me to post your words. I hope you are not too far away and ...read my message.

warm regards from Heidelberg/Germany



Hey there!Just recently deieovsrcd your gem of a blog and I LOVE IT! Especially the circle scarf; Very creative! Just a tip, maybe using Tumblr would gain you more followers, if that matters to you at all xoxo, Lisa

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