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I actually think that this is pttrey rubbish for a number of reasons:-it's not that smart. For example, where it's recommended you link Wikipedia up to Oxford' in your post, it would make much more sense to link to Oxford comma' something that most people would want to look up- do we really want to fill blog posts with meaningless bland stock photography? Presumably the idea is to make it more interesting, but I think having pointless pictures actually tends to detract from what you're saying. If you include a picture, it's because that's what you're blogging about. You don't put a picture of punts in just because you've happened to mention Oxford.- if it's not used with care (see lazy', below ), everyone's blog posts will end up looking the same and linking to the same things. I know that that's what the blogosphere' is all about to some extent, but still, urm .bleh.-it's just lazy. Spending some time reading other blogs and pages and picking out things to link to should be part of the job of writing a post, I think.-I haven't bothered to style fieldsets in posts and it looks rubbish. Plus lobbing a fieldset in the post breaks our strict template. But you knew that bit already /MildManneredRant

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