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This beautiful comarntmey and perspective by Dave Belden both highlights with respect the views and articles by of Hedges and Lerner, and articulates a call to action rather than to despair. I hope that i can emulate Belden in my writing with his address of scope and content of people with whom i passionately disagree at elast in part, while learning from them. I try to do this but am sometimes unsuccessful and dispose of the person globally rather than examining them as a totality with insights which may be quite valuable despite our differences.That doesn't happen to me with Rabbi Michael Lerner, for his humanitarian love, his celebration of God, and his truthfulness cathects his work. But I have often scuttled the writings of Hedges becauseof his views about religion, not because of his philosphical bleakness after all, the poor and the working class are the canaries in the coal mine and they have been degraded,desperate and dyingas individuals and as a class since social darwinism became entrenched in our society, its way of life, and permeated our institutions . Once meant to help, systems like public assistance, foster care, special education (OMG how we torture our children) now harm so greatly they make a mockery of the concept of public service.What i have seen in my 37 years of work in these institutions is demonic.Lately i have realized that i am missing a lot by not reading more of hedges. His ruthless pursuit of the truth seems to be his religion ; that is very valuable in a society like ours in which blindness to evil like drug induced apathy is so crippling and mainstream.i do not fear the fascism in the right so much as i fear the hypocricy, unwillingness to make eprsonal sacrifices, and blaming and shaming behaviors of the Left. If we fail as a nation and as a democracy it is because we have allowed the plutocrats and oligarchs to dominate our lives with rotten values of social darwinism, materialism gone wild, and hypersexualization so extreme it has polluted what little was left of childhood innocence for its market value.

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