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I feel the same way you feel. It's been really hard for me to gain fololwers and readers. I am not really good about posting everyday and I don't always have something to share. I have a party/crafting blog and so its even more difficult as I feel what people want to see is projects and inspiration and the competition is tough. It makes it hard becasue I don't always have time to craft and I am not always doing parties. My schedule is very crazy so I only have the weekends to really work on projects. And well on the weekends I need to tend to my family. I started to get some traffic by posting on other blogs. I try and join blog hops for crafters but they are usually mid week and that is hard. I am also trying to do linky parties that will drive traffic. As for your blog I thinks its cool and a blog should represent who you are not someone else. You are doing a great job and keep doing what you love.I am now a follower! Melissawww.adventuresinheels.comadventuresinheels@gmail.com

mbt kaya 7

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