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Dear Darcy, I HAVE A QUESTION. WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND TO STOP A 4 MO OLD WEIGHT 4-5 LB. PUP FROM EATING HER OWN POOP? SHE WON'T LET ME SEE HER POOP NOR CAN I CATCH HER EATING IT. YOU SEEM TO BE SO GOOD AT PRESCRIBING AND GIVING ADVICE ON SEVERAL SUBJECTS. LIBBYDear Libby, The best way to keep it from happening is to pick it up imidmeately after the dog poops. The way to do that? The pup must be under complete supervision until her house manners and potty manners are perfect. This means she's either in her crate, in a play pen, or on a leash attached to you or someone else in the family. She will not have a chance to do something without you seeing it. Puppies who get free rein of the house will start bad habits. Read and follow this advice and routine and you'll have great luck: Some dogs, especially puppy mill dogs (did you buy her at a pet store or did she come from rescue?), have a life long habit of coprophagia, those are the dogs who will need a lifetime human partner when they poop, you're there to pick it up. Wish I had better news for you. Please don't use tobasco or pepper or anything like that, those things can hurt her. Simply be there to pick up after her. Darcy

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