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Hi Darcy,I am confused about fneideg amounts. I read in one of your posts raw food is 2% of body weight.I have 5 dogs-4 around 12 pounds, one around 15 pounds.I think I may be overfeeding them.I recently started fneideg Honest Kitchen Preference (And I haven't checked with them yet)and ground beef.I would say my dogs are less active.The fneideg recommendations sayup to 10lbs 1/4c: 1/4c for less active10-30 lbs 1/2c: 1/2c for less activeI have been fneideg twice a day using the 10-30 lb guidelines:12pound dogs 2% would be 3.84 oz 1/4c beef weighs 2 1/4 oz 1/4c preference weighs 5/8 oz 1/2 cup water weighs 3 oz total 5 7/8 ozDaily would be about 11 3/4ozThey scarf the food down and then act like they are starving.Oh, I also give them a pinch of Source seaweed a day.To me, it looks like I should cut their feed in half at least. If I am understanding the 2% correct.They are:Jazz 12 yr old schipperkeGandhi 8-9 year old Chinese CrestedDylan 8-9 year old Chinese CrestedValerie 14 yr old Chinese CrestedTeddy 3 yr old miniature toy/poodlesThey were all rescues. Darcy, thanks for sharing your expertise. LindaLinda, I'll reply as a post, this will take a bit to answer. Thanks, Darcy


Hi Christopher! I know you have been busy of late, and I haven't had much of an opportunity to check out your blog yet. All the best on its sceucss! James Fisher's recent post ..

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