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Presently I have two Novels in publication. Here are the names, and brief blburs about both.1. BEST BLOODEDITORIAL REVIEW:Published by Trafford 2008 397p The story of a man's encounter with the harsh realities of life while trying to validate his identity. The unique plot twist and turn as it builds to an explosive and surprising climax. Packed with intrigue, drama and thrilling surprises, which unravel a series of explosive mysteries and personal encounters, and masterfully synchronizes a multitude of mayhem along with tense circumstances, strange family ties, (The Coopers), Throw in an innocent suspect to a senseless murder and the pages keep turning. Set in the old south where an interracial union as well as dysfunctional relationships and undesirable connections between members of a privileged family, increases tension and heightens the drama in this family of misfits, who find themselves lacking proper guidance and moral conscious.2.DEEP BONDSThis is the second book in the series and the continuing story of the Cooper Family and the new trials to test their tolerance and moral fortitude.Publlished by IUniverse, 2009 Fiction 388 pagesTwenty-nine-year-old Lamont Savage harbors a deep obsession to become an integral part of the wealthy Cooper family. Three years ago, Lamont discovered his true lineage; his real father is Jake Cooper, multimillionaire and owner of the successful Cooper Industries in Virginia. Lamont met Jake for the first time three years ago when Jake's son, JJ, needed something only Lamont could provide.Now, Lamont yearns not only to be respected by this newfound-but dysfunctional- family, but he wants a job in the family business. At first, Lamont is aggravated when he is not offered the posh executive position that he was promised at Cooper Industries. Instead, Jake asks Lamont to help with a special undercover assignment. Someone within the company is orchestrating a hostile takeover to steal the company from the Coopers. Lamont employs his hard work ethic and intelligence to weed out the traitor within the company, but he is surprised to discover the mob's involvement.Both books are on sale. from Raymond M. Simmons. at a discount or from Amazon.Com

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