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Ed Baker

just look/read
some:what via your link to
e-flux ..... and when I got to this

I had enouph & bailed.... this 'e-flux' ?

what... 90,000 daily e-mails out-&-about re: the dead "stuff" hanging on wall in slick museum buildings ?

meanwhile... this (to me) your best-test 'Hangman'....seems to me that this one just might be a post-preface to Ad Reinhardt's ART AS ART ?

one could pretty-much substitute "poetry" for art in this Hangman... and proceed progressively... which is in this our present daze really in no-way-shape-or-form
andy embraceication of "progress"...

pee est: I, also, dropped facebook... anybody on my true friends list .... miss me ?

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