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VIDEOS: THRs Awards Season Roundtable: The Actresses

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But on Monday, Prada put out a press release saying their Miu Miu brand is responsible for Michelles dress. Her bronze platform cross strap heels were by Prada as well.

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But Steinfeld, 14 and Fanning, just 13, were both decked out in Chanel duds for the exclusive private dinner party held at the Chanel boutique on Robertson Blvd. Sure, there were other A-listers such as Kate Bosworth, Cat Deeley, Lily Collins and Mad Men buxom beauty Christina Hendricks.

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And we would love to have been a fly on a front row chair to hear what Nicole Richie (who has a clothing line now) and her former stylist Rachel Zoe (who also has her own clothing line) had to say to each other.at the Louis Vuitton show (rumored to be Marc Jacobs dry run for the Dior head designer post). Theyve probably mended fences or at least try to look like they have.


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We take this bloggers criticism with a large grain of salt since the blog regularly calls out celebrities for being overweight -- Lindsay Lohan in her Playboy spread and Paris Hiltonin a bikini, among others -- and constantly praises models who are underweight.

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STORY: Why Katie Holmes Could See a Post-Divorce Career Boost

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Heidi Klum sends the designers to meet Tim Gunn where they learn that they will be creating a red carpet look for the Emmys. Thats huge! The twist?

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Christopher: I wish he would have embraced the print and tried to use it to its strength. When he covered it in organza, it got messy.

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THR: The season 9 contestants have taken quite a beating in the press these last few months and havent really been able to relish in the post-season glory of Idol. Do you feel bad for them?

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Cupid Song: Cupids Shuffle
 Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None Cupid made the song Cupids Shuffle, which was a hit in 2006, and is still played at weddings today. This one-hit-wonder was hoping to move past that song and have a real music career, but none of the coaches turned their chairs. Maybe if you wanted to move past your signature song, you shouldnt have sung it for your audition, man.

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Wellington boots in all sizes line the entrance porch, along with dog bowls, overcoats and fishing rods. Then you are into the imposing entrance hall complete with a huge roaring open fire, spitting and crackling its welcome.

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However, some of the most dramatic events didnt make it onto the broadcast.

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This is a perfect fragrance for the summertime. Its lushness and greenness will transport you to a nice Mediterranean island. The mixture of the ingredients are the perfect combination and you will be guaranteed complements if you wear it.

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most well-known Hermes handbag, the Kelly Bag, is among the individuals most coveted by ag snobs? Coming in at a near 2nd could possibly be the Birkin,

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Hermes 2010 Autumn&Winter advertisement has also come out. Inspired by 2010 new film Sherlock Holms, Hermes make the theme of 2010 Autumn&Winter advertisement as Holms in London. In this advertising film, we can clearly see that Hermes create more new elements on basis of its classic styles. In the picture of a Her modern going angling of the bags in a pool, the bags are with Hermes Birkin styles, but more casual. The classic red, orange, purple, black, brown etc. colors combined with this casual style makes the city full of casual and modern fresh taste. Of course, Hermes Birkin, as classic signboard of Herms handbags, will never forget its classic and cool style. The so black series I mentioned above really make people amazing.

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Firstly, quality is one of the keys to choose silk scarves. It is well known to all that Hermes silk scarves enjoys high quality, and they are 100% authentic silk, so they have super smooth touch feeling. As Hermes is using its unique thread weaving method, so its silk scarves will not easily be folded. While Inetsilk silk scarves are also guaranteed that their silk scarves are 100% authentic silk, which will not lose Hermes silk scarves. They also have very good touch feeling.


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Whose Right Leg Reveal Do You Like Best?Getty ImagesParis Jackson It was only a matter of time before Michael Jacksons stunning daughter Paris Jackson launched a fashion line, became a model, a singer or started acting. Well, the time is now. We hear the 13-year-old has landed a starring role as the heroine in Lundons Bridge and the Three Keys, based on a young adult book series by Dennis H. Christen about a dolphin, a dragonfly, a jellyfish and lots of magic spells Pariss grandmother Katherine Jackson wanted her to wait until she was 18 to start a career. But apparently performing is in her blood.our editor recommendsLarry Birkhead: 'Anna Nicole' Opera is 'Trashy and Tabloidy''Glee' Sets Michael Jackson Tribute Episode

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But theres also a buy it now price and many of the must-have-it-now bag lovers opted for that immediate satisfaction, rather than risk being outbid at the very last minute. As a result, many hotly coveted bags were disappearing from the tables faster than you could say American Express.


It was 158 in favor of Attica an inning afterwards then Covington pushed 10 runs across to guide 1815 heading in the major of the seventh. The Ramblers could only include a single much more run and fell 1816. ルイヴィトン http://www.gallowayjapan.com/louisvuitton.html ルイヴィトン


The Bulletin is vocal in its opposition to winding back again the laws and regulations, that have verified powerful in reducing alcoholfuelled violence in opposition to gals and kids.


Fly fishing seriously isn't only a kind of doing exercises for these females. Its also chosen like a metaphor for hope.


Lowcountry Casters: The area process of Casting for Restoration Lowcountry Casters will host its to begin with retreat Oct. 810 at Palm Key Vacation resort in Ridgeland. The retreat is proscribed to about 15 most women, who'll be randomly selected.


The Blue Crabs labored its magic to perfection from the to begin with of the fivegame series versus the Lancaster Barnstormers at Waldorf Regency Household furniture Stadium.

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