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Ed Baker

veering off "the road" and "into a ditch" ....

brings to my mind/thinking

that the Mainstream (that road) is getting clogged
and (what is called and sold as) the Experimental
is just relocating the Mainstream....

Marinetti went into a ditch i n about 1912 and
crawled out of the mud and from under his car
and started a Revolution

which has NOW morphed into this ubiquitous
Faux Avant-Guard-ism
that "the Hangman"

(it seems to me)

pokes holes in ?


Hi, Ed. Don't get me started on Marinetti. When a fascist starts a revolution, where's it going to end up besides in some shithole ditch. Avant-gardism is art's version of capitalism's need for novelty to sell new product. Pound's make it new - hucksterism. He was worse than Henry Ford, who at least made the Model T for years and years without all the need for novelty crap. Of course Pound only mide it new in his poetry for a couple years, then got down to the real work. (Why am I talking about yet another fascist?) (but he did do some real work, that's why ...)

Anyhow. The real work is the only work. If it's "new", that's just luck. If it's old, so be it. Your work is timeless in the very best sense.

I will treasure this compliment.

Ed Baker

just put in a new sewer line and water line to my house..
I was out there with my shovel and the plumber and the back-hoe guy
down in a 4our foot wide by 8ight feet deep hole digging..

will send you some photos that the back-hoe guy took..


up on your Chavez post

will link to to Riffs and Ripples
also re: Chavez..

and my link there to ....

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