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How about a fun casino night. There are a great way to break the ice and cetare interaction between your wedding reception / party guests. We had a fun casino at our wedding reception. It was called The Ace of spades casino. It was brilliant fun. All the wedding guests were given a3200 of fake money to play the casino games with. At the end of the night the casino dealers counted up every ones winnings and awarded a prize to the person who won the most fun money at the casino. Loads of guests commented on how much fun the casino was. Some guests even asked for there fun money back at the end of the evening as it made a nice little memento of the day.


Thanks for the link! The Facebook terms of use are not pretty but Zuckerberg's post is comrofting. At the same time it would be far more comrofting if Zuckerberg had his lawyers amend the terms of use to reflect his intentions.


Welcome Dave! I look forward to meenitg you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing a little bit about your walk with the Lord, and thank you especially for leading us in worship Saturday night for helping us have the opportunity to give God all the glory.


djafanfromil / Tks David. I wish you could explain more about sbmoyls in the video because fans debated each scene on what's the meaning behind the scene. Well, your expressions were dang good.


Fun things such as faovrs. I would theme it some how like a poker theme. Like a night in Vegas, have poker tables, with friends that could have been wedding party taking turns dealing. Look into a costume ball, maybe with masqurade.

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