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Ed Baker

thanks for the link to the origins "ping pang" ...
Song of Chin is situated in the Yellow River region where this (war) game was invented :


sure wish that I had known about this when writing S of C (in '71) !

it is the factual-I-zed "stuff" like this that adds
so much of the color to the unfathomable debts
of my works...

sounds to me that the "pings" were the farmers and that the "pongs/pangs" were the shepherds

at war worth each other ?

same metaphor as what later came with that
Cain / farmer vs. Abel / shepherd tale and all of the
subsequent wars since .

but: I could be wrong :


It's always marvelous how every little bit of "data" reverberates against and other bit ... if the right ears are listening, that is.

Ed Baker




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