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Ed Baker

just a day or so ago re:read Guy Davenport's

Balthus suer could do landscapes ... one that he did is considered the "perfect" landscape....
"ketsup" / "catchup" is spelled CATSUP !

it was changed to "ketsup" acuase
all the little kiddies might think that they were eating cats !
did you know
that in EVERY school in the USA they consider catsup a vegetable
(that fulfills the veggies per day GOVERNMENT requirement ? catsup is a little tomato and lots of salt and sugar !

between being "politically correct" and the garbage that we call "food" now wonder we are ALL fucked-up !

Ed Baker

I think that that Balthus landscape that i was thinking of is this one:

It is in one of the Balthus books that I have and I just found out that the hardback book that i have is selling for $231 !

JEESH ! I must have $12 million worth of books and (counting my own pieces) and art here !!!


Hi, Ed. I took McCarthy's own spellings ... as for Balthus, I've never thought of him as a landscape painter before but that is one gorgeous painting, and it looks just like a Balthus. Schwitters also painted landscapes, but they have no clear relationship to his MERZ-work.

As for cat/ket/etc, yes, no wonder we're so fucked up.

Ed Baker

Balthus seems most known for his view/paintings of young, innocent girls ..(nothing prurient OR pornographic about any of them..

if you check out Claude Roy's BALTHUS you'll see that he was predominately a landscape painter.... sort of does "Chinese-ish" / Romantic "stuff

one of my favorites is his Girl at a Window he was, I think married to a Japanese girl named Setsuko

there is also (which I have but have not read as I am not too keen on biographies but this one is "a must read") Nicholas Fox Weber's biography, Balthus.
Balthus also painted many, many, many still lives...
in fact, to my eye/mind all of his portraits (of young girls are
pretty-much "still lifes"...

skip the internet links AND that Wikipeedia crap and go to the two books I mentioned... the first 20 pages of the Weber bio just "grabbed me"

whatever remember what Braque wrote : The only valid thing in art is that which cannot be explained." and what Wilde said:

"I treated art as the supreme reality and life as a mere mode of fiction."

p.s. book launch of that Samperi trilogy ... all three in one volume... I think March 10, at Beyond Baroque.. ( they the same BB as of I know from the 70's ?... I think that they were in venice Beach). you gonna drop in ?


Ed, thanks for getting Balthus on my active radar. I will have to do some library exploring now. As for Beyond Baroque, yes, it's the same. Don't know if I'll get in for the Samperi launch (it's about 75 miles from where I live) but I will buy the books as soon as they're available.

Oh, and I wonder if Stevens had that Wilde quote in mind when he thought up the supreme fiction ...

Ed Baker

not sure what Stevens "had in mind"
(which "Stevens" ? which "mind" ?
(not ever sure, even, of what I have in "mind"
until I "pin 'it' down as an either / and
which leads me into a dis:cussion of
"either OR" (this OR that) verses (get it? poems)
this - AND - that (art AND poems)
which brings be to the pointy that we are discussing: fiction

I look at "it-all" as little more than (my)
autobiographical factoring
my fictional autobiography

.... either way that dichotomy suades...

read the first, say, 74 pages of Hazony's new book ...

especially 'soak-up' what of mere t e s t a m e n t
is sold as fact: as
the Whole Truth and nothing BUT the Truth

... nice to be having a meaning-full
discussion here.... and IN THE OPEN
where ARE other voices ? jerking-off into their
own computers ? and /or pushing the "delete" button
whenever a comment is critical of THEM ?

I guess that any-boddhi with something-to-say has their own blog
and says it there ?


ITH hasn't been generating many comments these days Ed. I think all the conversation has moved to Facebook and Instagram and "places" like that. I am always really happy when you comment here.

Ed Baker

"off-the-wall 'comment's" iz my middle name !

it s just a damn shame that
- the computer corrects my spelling
- deletes my cuss-words and re:aranges my sintax ....

like those who read my poems OR look at my art

I am NOT responsible for their understanding OR intelligence...

or thieire piss-ant sesneces of humor ...

as my last Muse used to say back in 1969:
"silence is the worst reply"
then in 2003 (the last time I saw her) she added:
"all you think about is sex. KISS ME ! "


"as my last Muse used to say back in 1969:
"silence is the worst reply"
then in 2003 (the last time I saw her) she added:
"all you think about is sex. KISS ME ! ""

Not that I want to be thinking about death or anything, but that would be a perfect epitaph.

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