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How cheery to see you both. Hi guys!

richard lopez

hey guys!


Hello from me. Tomorrow I'll be seeing Ivy Alvarez, so they'll be another cheery poets photo.

Ed Baker

hey !

I think I know that guy in the red skirt
she made a career out of slurping soup

so much yang & yin in this portrait
I jus doughnut know where to start


These tips are awesome but it seems so teihccnal when you are a noob like me. I've been blogging for two months now and I had to quit using wordpress because it was so complicated. I couldn't figure out how to edit the css stuff. But almost all the tips I see about how to get more comments involve using plugins and they only work in wordpress if I am not mistaken. Seems like I have so far to go but blogs like this help us noobies out and I appreciate that! Thanks.LeoLeos last blog post..


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