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Omo Bob

But my penis, old twisted compass needle, still points towards Romania...


And it always will! (Great line, isn't it?) It's by Margento, in case you want to track more of his stuff ...


All right, I'll elaborate. It is petfcerly sustainable to have a world where some areas have high standards of living while others have low standards of living. Here are a few possible cases:1. The low standard of living area has a culture in which a high standard of living is not valued, for whatever religious or political reasons.2. The low standard of living area has a culture in which people are not educated, and therefore are outcompeted for resources by higher standard of living areas.3. The low standard of living area is kept that way by a dictatorship (of whatever type) that finds people easier to control that way.Assuming that everyone wants a First World standard of living and will inevitably proceed there if not stopped by resource constraints is just cultural imperialism. It's the flip side of the same unthinking "our way is obviously better and everyone wants to be like us" that encourages us to try to export our culture to everyone and try to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.If, for instance, people take up the project that you're advocating on giving up on growth, some people are going to take it up before others. Unless it occurs due to a world-wide crash, there are some areas that are going to have a "low standard of living" because they choose to. Of course this gets into definitional questions of what makes a low standard of living access to free, high-quality medical care, or access to a car? But those definitional questions are themselves cultural.In short this sustainability list smells like the U.S. 1970s. It doesn't even mention women's rights, the largest single factor in limiting population growth. You might want to look up what happened to the Sierra Club in 2004. ( to start.) Clueless buy-in to right-wing tropes doesn't help.


Hi Mary the only hard part is finding some of the ineiedrgnts. The recipe is almost as easy as making PB & J. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

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