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Ed Baker

my Noigandres the three of them
jus' dropped off the bed-stand
through that vortex and landed, I swear,

with a muted 'thud' on O'Hara's (poem) LIKE:

It's not so much,
abstractions are available:
the lofty period of the mind
ending a sentence while the pain endures:
departures, absences.

And you are still on the dock,
the smoke hasn't cleared from the last blast
but the ship is already in The Narrows.

At noon I sit in Jim's Place waiting for George
who is mopping the stage up,
while two girls cry in the last row.

I think they got laid last night.
But who didn't? it was a spring night.
Probably George did, too.

And now the ship has gone
beyond come, sheets, windows, streets, telephones, and noises:
to where I cannot go,
not even a long distance swimmer like myself.

(typing out the poems (of others)
like I used to do on my Underwood 5
in the 60's
sure "opens" up to what the
poem-poet was-did....

what this has to do with anything here & there
you posit, I guess
is felled through


Thanks, Ed. This is a pretty spectacular poem. What are you going to do with it?


Or, put otherwise, can you see virtues in Frank now?

Ed Baker

it s the for lunch
will call it a Lunch Poem

and eat it !

then move right along and start
(like O'Hara did)
dropping names like: My Cousin is

speaking of artists in Manhattan:
met and visited Milton Resnick a cpl of times....

even went over to his studio a converted synagogue
also another City person a distant cousin of mine my Uncle Al

Silver's father's brother's son Harvey Silver (a.k.a. Jack Micheline)
I also met at a Baker-Silver Family gathering around 1953 here in D.C,

as I recall they were moved to D.C. from NYC but didn't 'cotton to'
D.C. { so I ask Uncle Al: "who's THAT?"

"that's your crazy cousin, Harvey. a writer from New York"
does that qualify me for one of the Potential O'Hara, et al Insiders?
lot's of name dropping in the F.O. poems..... gets a bit "old"

what's with the new email address ? and an ipad ?

you know where I can get a ribbon & spool for my Underwood ?

any suggestions ?

maybe as soon as someone publishes ARS POETIC HER
I'll add this to my currant work-in-progress:

Poems of an Urban Hermit

meanwhile am liking a cpl of O'Hara's pieces....

Why I am Not a Painter
Chinamen jump
is it dirty
The Day Lady Died (get it? Lady Day..
and I got a true story about Billie Holiday and her (Baltimore) family... )
To The Harbourmaster

Ed Baker

I can see virtue in just about everything
& this frosty mug of home brew

just might lead me down the road of self-promotion

especially after that opening
line of my



Ed, jump to the end of the book and read the Personism Manifesto; that'll give you an insight into his personal references that will hopefully make you laugh, and realize that he was playing with them at least if not more than a little ...


Jun09 Enhorabuena!! muchas feicildades por la llegada al mundo de esa preciosidad de nif1a!Yo tambie9n estoy esperando que mi segunda hija nazca cualquiera de estos dedas Que see1is muy felices :-)


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