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The thing is though, it's not just her whims most pepole won't do that. There are also pepole out there who don't own a blog or an ID of some sort but may want to comment anyway.If you look at statistics it's a very small amount of pepole who comment after reading a post. Most pepole are lurkers .Why wouldn't you as a blogger want to make it as easy for the pepole who want to comment as possible? Usually pepole only have a few minutes before they leave your blog, having to sign up, get an addon or any other lengthy process is going to make most pepole decide not to bother with the commenting.

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A coroner says her injuries have been inflicted by a blunt instrument in all likelihood a fist and that she confirmed a few different bruising from earlier beatings.


Mr Newman was invited towards the island by Palm Mayor Alf Lacey, a robust winner for his neighborhood who believes tourism especially ecotourism could keep the true secret to the island's potential prosperity.


On Tuesday December four, the DeRidder Law enforcement Division responded to an armed theft at Barksdale Federal Credit Union found on North Pine St in DeRidder, LA. Witnesses declare that 4 armed gentlemen robbed the financial institution.

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