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1.- The program that I whtcaed was News Channel 8.2.- One fact is that John Kasich won. -Second is that both parties spent millions of dollars on the governor race. -Third fact is that alot of democrats didn't vote.3. The view of the election is that Kasich won and most people are mad because they didn't want him to win because it will make the presidental election in 2012 critical for Obama.4.- My opinion is that Ted Strickland should have won, flat out. Like what was people thinking when they voted for this looney.


1. CNN2. Ted Strickland lost, Preisdent lost his chance of cosneilg ohio out for sure,and John k. won the whole race.3. The pupose of the video was just tell how john k won the entire race. They also talked about how the chance for obama to win ohio iz not 100% and more.4. My thought on the whole show was i think stickland was a better pick but john k has to show me otherwise and i still think obama is going to win ohio.

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