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Scarpe MBT

Tokyo Disneyland, come se nel mondo della fiaba, dobbiamo tutti insieme per perseguire l'innocenza volte, merry-go splendida con un sogno di volare con, moda retrò Mary Jane Shoes, a sua volta partì una tempesta in Inghilterra.


Yeah, it's a symptom of our greed-based cutulre, unfortunately. When a movie comes out, people feel like it's their right to go watch an illegal copy online. If you make a book, someone's going to scan it in and post it online. Everything is available for instant gratification, and at some point it stops being good enough We keep using things as rewards to make ourselves feel better, so we start feeling bad when we don't have them. This is why I try not to buy frivolous things I don't need I never want to stop being grateful for all the things I have :\ This is also why I ruin Christmas for everyone else every year, haha


Dear Pak Tan,Lately I'm quite busy. I'm trying to arrgnae my schedule to join Lombok hunting even with shorter hunting time. I will let you know soonest.For PSA, what is the last confirmation date?. It will be great if I can join.Best regards,

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