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[..YouTube..] Omg! You are an absoulte Idol!:)Im not alleowd to the gym, and i dont have any wieghts and shizz at home and cannot afford it, all i have is a bike machine. I am gonna do and 30mintues to and hour a day, twice a day+ run 5 miles a day also im 138 pounds and wanna get down too 120, maybe 125 my hieght is 5'2 so i wanna lose 20 pounds, or more. How long is this gonna take? Also i will drink water and follow all your other tips! Please answer this- do you have any other pointers or tips?x


258[..YouTube..] Ugh, some of these comments are so distgsuing. It's clear who doesn't share the same relationship that you do with God. It's clear who has not Experienced the power of Faith. They are disappointed because they didn't get it from Church nor from the little piece of Word that they read when all along they failed to look to the source for the connection that they seek. But anyway, I'm not here for that. Good job sis. You were always beautiful. Keep doing what makes you happy and keep praying.

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