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"eyes" to "ewes" is one of many brilliant gems here. Love it!


Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.

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Like the idea. Laptops + eTexts + wiki or EtherPad + wordle = done?Scanning tuoghrh a text on a smart phone doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun I know part of the point is in class but this seems like one where you might get higher quality input by assigning the quote-finding activity outside of class and spend more in-class time analyzing the results (with a bit more front-end analysis possible for the instructor before class, too).A variant: using something like Classroom Presenter to facilitate close reading of one or two paragraphs. If you could send out those paragraphs to students for annotation/questioning/commenting, receive that back, and have some engine digest the student input into a form for further discussion that would be cool, too.Concept mapping is another potential real-time textual analysis tool if small groups developed concept maps on chunks of text, then shared those, and again some sort of magic happened to highlight commonalities and differences between the mappings for whole-group thinking neato. I did something like this in a small undergraduate course I taught on the first day of class as a quick way to preview the several trade book texts we were using for the semester. Different groups took on different texts and did high-level concept maps on the structure/content of the books, then shared out to the rest of the class, helping everyone to develop a sense of the utility, intersection, and distinctions of the texts.


I'll be back. Writing and reading dtefnieily create a dialog between now and yesterday, today and tomorrow. reaching out to those who I am never to meet in inspiring indeed. Keep on writing!


Holly I've often thought that it is those who have been wiknalg with the Lord for a good long while that makes His best servants. I really believe that. God's been giving you stuff for the last several decades for a time such as this. To give to other people. Now that's what I call opportunity!

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Chicago is 600, the most effective get started with in staff heritage, breaking the previous file of 500 set in 197172.


Matt Frattin added his nationleading 36th target on the season just forty two seconds in the third period for North Dakota.


"It's quite hard never to keep track of that," Hiebert mentioned. "If he would have paid funds, it could have already been numerous."


"My father was an exquisite part product. He instilled the intrinsic price of job. As he walked through the residence, he hummed, 'Make a contribution. Produce a contribution.' As a youngster, I remembered that," she explained.


Option This report addresses identification of infants at risk for retinopathy of prematurity, detection, and remedy of great disorder, and how to proceed when remedy fails.


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3. Upgrade our other infrastructure: like electrical, communication and computer system networks. It happens to be considerably more affordable to maintain infrastructure than to interchange it


And we have permitted these on the island as well as their lobbyists and allies to manage the debate. The ensuing outrageous pricing that could be creating the massive overpayments will demonstrate to always be unsustainable.


Colleagues and supporters gathered at Fairview Farms inside of a joyous celebration of 6yearold Avery Akeman's everyday living on Sunday, although the evening turned sour when her parent's found out their vehicle had been broken into during the fundraiser.

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