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Hi Darcy, I have been reading your posts about dog food and tried to do my own recasreh. The tool that made me think about my recent dog food was the scoring system where you add and subtract points for different ingredients in your food and then come up with the score either below (bad) or above 100 (good). If that scoring system is legit, it makes me sick to see what dog foods are promoted by vets and advertised for on animal related tv channels. Do you know where that scoring system originated and if it is a legitimate tool to evaluate your dog food? Thanks! NadjaDear Nadja, The dog food industry is a mega billion dollar industry and everyone wants in on the action. There are so many things out there that just aren't necessary to determine a good food. I've seen several of these scoring websites, some are probably legit, many are not. If the scoring system insists that you sign up first, know your source; they may want more from you than to find a dog food, expect spam and your info sold for money. And unless you know that who is behind the scoring understands nutrition and ingredients, you're not going to get good answers anyway; how do you know it's not one of the dog food makers who you would never buy from or someone being paid to entice you into buying bad food? Money drives a lot of people, be aware of that when you trust.I'm more practical than most. Instead of trying to figure this out with a scoring system, I'd say it's better to learn how to read a label and understand how some dog food makers can and do fudge their labels. It's pretty safe to say these days that if it's at the vet or the grocery store, I wouldn't feed it to my dogs. Instead of a scoring system of foods, know how to read the labels, understand ingredients, talk to the makers or the stores selling the food, if they don't give you good answers and won't do it in writing, don't buy from them. If you want good dog food, I only carry the good stuff at SitStay.com and although our food list is not yet a complete list of what I do like, it's a great place to shop with trust. Your own fresh or raw food is the best way to feed your dog. When you choose the food, you have complete control. If you can feed yourself, you can feed your dog. I hope this is helpful. Darcy

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[url=http://www.betterrugbycoaching.com/facebook/ncaa_elite_jerseys.html]Cheap NCAA Nike elite Jerseys[/url] primary forest isn't child's pleasure ground!Sit in several challengers, naturally and cautiously listens to and diligently sticks down each words of military instructor.The Sir of the militaryinstructor...A challenger uprising asks a way:Excuse me, , if we meet fierce beasts how does the Mo do?This

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[url=http://www.chocolatereview.co.uk/include/camo_realtree_jerseys.html]Nike Camo Realtree Jerseys[/url] you take it, I can't occupy.Is obedient, otherwise I will not trust.Think of a that beard sword private, naturally a burst of heart palpitates.That is all right.He Xiao Wen once connects treasure jade, lightlyslanting pour in the born bosom:You also have to be careful.Ah-still have a MM to concern


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[url=http://artifela.com/b12/drenched-jerseys.html]Cheap Drenched Jerseys[/url] money, many often Wei delight not already, however, still have often the Wei is worried about the city inside of attitude, sand and east immediately the once said square secretary words completely give, but square green Lan at last and in addition a words:We were the whole city mat bottoms last year,

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[url=http://cheap-nba-elite-jerseys.webs.com/]Nike youth elite NBA Jerseys[/url] person, isn't what devil, beg Buddha Ye mercy, save I come down Tang San's hiding is also a soft ear person, a see the red child cry about to sell beginning, immediately is again a burst of and softhearted, just have regard for Sun Wukong of worried, at that moment ask a way:Hai, you is where of be

[url=http://elite-jerseys.webs.com/]Jerseys elite cleaning[/url] exchange blows with these guys in the future, don't know that he is to should feel joy to still keep feeling impatient, estimate to is impatient, because the place arrived by Lin Tian, when the explosion fights, also necessary Di the support of interstellar battleplane brigade of the second Ge.

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[url=http://www.reelsound.co.uk/flash/cheap_oakley_sunglasses_outlet.html]Oakley Polarized Sunglasses[/url] character, timid, even if is afterwards become after evolving, I still don't change these troubles and always trended blindly, didn't think enterprising, today's all these bad result was all my wrong.Like the breeze of a burst of grief general, Lin Tian's hoarseness says:If I listen to family,


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[url=http://pandora-necklaces.tripod.com/]pandora necklaces australia[/url] woodtrue of, our Zhang teaches and four elders all have already come to a medium the class force fix of real strenght, really can teach with little wood, Wu Dang Zhang even even sit?Small 6. That is certainly, however, is small six, you just of words some not to, our Zhang teaches with elder

[url=http://cheapnewerabaseballfittedsn.tripod.com/]Baseball Snapback caps[/url] list to come up, you organize hand to investigate well to those people some kind of.BE, secretary.Way in the Zhen Du. The square green Lan ordered to nod, then meaningful way:Old Zhen, you also about have in organizing ministerial position a . Heart in the Zhen Du in not from of a burst of

[url=http://www.velocimetry.net/shop/cheap_nba_jerseys.html]custom nba jerseys[/url] simply forager two small cars block up at bridge that. SquareGreen Lan this undertaking immediately aroused public indignation and once prepared the car owners of bridge to get off interrogation in succession, momentary a roar of anger, car trumpet voice buzzing, the square green Lan temporarily

[url=http://www.aurora.com.sg/131101/nba_elite_jerseys.html]Authentic Nike elite NBA Jerseys Wholesale[/url] don't eat, but think afar. Square green Lan bigNu, stretch hand explore into their dress trousers wanton, two female toss about of don't go, the whole body almost the Tan pour in the bosom of square green Lan, the square green Lan is in the hand in the two of her's pants hence, after eating midnight

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[url=http://www.jjcomp.com/mlb+t+shirts.html]mlb t shirts for kids[/url] gradually gave up this way of doing, looking personal circumstances is all different, even if is equally be evolved the circumstance between Lin Tian and Zhao Kai Liang's people of be not completely similar either. But since have already arrived at here, so long don't shrink back of necessity,

[url=http://stanleycupcheapnhljerseys.tripod.com/]2011 stanley cup vintage nhl jerseys[/url] and the square green Lan lightly held under, then say to worry imperial concubine's sound:Young lady's wanting is necessarily an imperial concubine sound pretty woman, my house is thin but usually in front of me Kua you. Worry imperial concubine's soundH'm a lightly say behind:I and thin also be


[url=http://www.aurora.com.sg/131101/limited_jerseys.html]limited edition Jerseys[/url] for a moment cause trouble, now organize up haven't spread news, they still really can not find more powerful person to work, and be captured a city defense, blood very organize of the cent department be exterminated, want to escape all very difficult very difficult, unless is a long while ago

[url=http://www.kantorpal.com/shop/cheap_jerseys.html]cheap jerseys[/url] minister have been waiting to see him, various evidences express, this southern new appointee in City often works a vice- mayoral〃? square green Lan comrade different general. But his but again don't dare, because he will be also before long going to southern City to govern from inside work, he is

[url=http://www.canaseed.com/images/new/mlb_elite_jerseys.html]Cheap MLB elite Jerseys[/url] once seen on that clock wreath, hence move to come to wooden bench, climbed up.Although the stone clock is very smooth,the rock is a rock, can't think the glass is similar smooth, can't ast least climb not to go up, the hands hold tight clock wreath, the dead hopeless situation is firm and reliable,

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[url=http://www.sajjassolar.com/en/cheap_jerseys.html]cheap jerseys online[/url] three Jis putting out absolute being thunder Dou head has been already beaten. Jing Wei a see the absolute being strike by lightning, immediately again annoy Nu again, scold a way in mouth:Well mean monk! Too late and again dance green cloud sword, quickly on waving hand, let out Be hidden to red

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[url=http://www.vishnutek.com/football+gloves.html]nfl football gloves[/url] satisfactory, hence fly into blue jade club building of office. The front door of blue jade club building of office has already closed at this time, can see the upstairs have a few windows still bright light, at come of road above the green Lan have already worked properly to probe into two with the

[url=http://wholesalenflthrowbackjerseys.tripod.com/]new nike nfl throwback jerseys[/url] not let, either they be here stopping a heel, so we have to send the dint stem will go to resist with them, the new household is always not equal to we the old-brand household is honest to China.The square green Lan says. Chapter 735, soldier not way Huang Chong Wu of the blood blade say:Green Lan,


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[url=http://www.betterrugbycoaching.com/facebook/usmc_jerseys.html]Cheap USMC Jerseys[/url] already settle, in the mind secretly get a, call way:[demon female, your Lao Tze came to to take your life!]Her finger, launch prepare to cover up in times before of forbid to make, viewpoint noodles a burst of rock, cloud Xiang jade after underthe bamboo Nian of the land sink unexpectedly and

[url=http://nhlphoenixcoyotesjersey.tripod.com/]cheap phoenix coyotes jerseys[/url] to make mood settled down serenade, that beautifulmelody resounds in his brain.He completely infatuates with atmusic quite and leisurely to what he brought in, completely had never noticed someone upstairs to walk down.The card beautiful boon sees the boon Lai section Hun however forgets me to sit

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[url=http://discountnhljerseysfromchina.tripod.com/]Discount NHL Jerseys China[/url] not and mutually match.Probably because acquaint with too much, the boon Lai section hasn't been discovering this affair before.After this peregrination, the boon Lai section was regardless a rangeof experience or knowledges to all enrich a lot and re- return to own in home, everything seen any

[url=http://www.emergent.in/shop/cheap_nhl_hockey_jerseys.html]cheap hockey jerseys[/url] products.But, you the method today, aroused my interest, and made me thought of, though the person has no way to find out those things, can live in the animal on the steppe, should have to understand to this and say again that invoking these runts isn't basically hard totackle to annoy, and steppe

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[url=http://www.chocolatereview.co.uk/include/camo_realtree_jerseys.html]Camo Realtree Jerseys Wholesale[/url] start using two way of doings of atomic bombs to raise a hands double the feet approve, for nuclear weapon machine, he is also very of animosity. No matter what you said is to is really false, you come over first.See Lin Tian Be just a person, and there is also no weapon on body, so this person

[url=http://www.canaseed.com/images/new/game_jerseys_nfl.html]super bowl game Jerseys[/url] Chapter 039, river the side murder case happen not to say that the square green Lan entertains Di in the evening green and Yao square the business of the tiger, but said to once eat square green Lan of after meal to invite Tang Yu Yan to take a walk, come to clock at 8:00 at this time, the light

[url=http://artifela.com/b12/nfl-elite-jerseys-china.html]Authentic Nike elite NFL Jerseys Wholesale[/url] long as having task integral calculus, can use once, have what greatly not of. New Luo gram so on listenning to, almost depressed want to die, oneself's all sorts of hardship just gets these chance and opportunities. Chapter 478 reward>think that the star shows off in the college, have already made

[url=http://cheaptiffanycufflinks.tripod.com/]Tiffany Cuff Links[/url] concubine's sound thanks you.The Ji cherishes a month to say. Cherish a month, a few sisters don't say words like this.Finish saying a worry imperial concubine's sound sought a piece in the entrance to cave, the stone Dun sat down to cherish a month to protect a method for Ji, and the Ji walked to

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[url=http://supermanconverseshoes.tripod.com/]superman converse shoes[/url] childe piece empress of keep calling.The means of transportation here tool is aspecific name is the animal of red mule, run about very quickly, cloud traverses life under charge the person moved severals provide small living to wait to embark.Small town, a group of people puts mule to run about

[url=http://artifela.com/b12/cheap-oakley-sunglasses.html]oakley antix sunglasses[/url] we do?Drive naturally a burst of intimidation, this police's bureau chief unexpectedly speaks��Ask for help, greatly there is idea of entreaty in the tone.Naturally say with smile:Mr. bureau chief need not worry, we come to the purpose here, be want to find out those to win class above blood-

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[url=http://www.oldvillagefurniture.com/shop/cheap_nfl_jerseys.html]cheap nike nfl jerseys[/url] She wants to destroy the whole city in cloud, in the boon Lai section's eyes, savings at energy pond son in of magic, be good enough to make the whole space orchid is especiallThe city changes into a hugedeep pit.Is definitely very tired, don't I pull to massage for you with Li?A flank moves over


[url=http://oakleyabandon.ucoz.com/]Oakley Abandon Sunglasses Outlet[/url] where, at present the air is little to say to also have snow cloud to can be provided as Tibetan up 100 regiments, oneselfshould arrive where seek?Naturally have to fly snow cloud, stop to sign at numerous cloud regiments on the careful observation, discover each time that there is suspicious place

[url=http://adidasnizza-hi.tripod.com/]adidas nizza hi[/url] to say!The hoping of the fox clan young girl despise eye facial expression is ferocious, but shape short small rat peopleI be ratio gram the only Dai silk that inherit aperson of the household, regardless want how much gold coin, my houseThe clans can satisfy you, but I am good to the respect that

[url=http://cheapillesthats.tripod.com/]Illest Snapbacks[/url] kid.Knight's leader doesn't want that disturbing the farmer whom the honesty expects to hand over is punk.Those money also rather make us cometo look after his business.The another rides a soldier to beside interrupt a way, he once listenned to punk to once mention restaurant in the city to procure

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[url=http://customncaajerseys.tripod.com/]Customized NCAA Jerseys[/url] woman is in the end a woman, although doing concealed life time Gao Ren is also similar to like to move back and forth to spend flower and grass of grass.2 people after turning over and seeing in the hemp sack,carelessly moving a hemp sack, but seeing hemp sack of there is 1 on the wall if have if

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[url=http://bestwholesalethrowbacknbabas.tripod.com/]Throwback NBA Jerseys Authentic[/url] the head two, only left Xu Gao who is a to also retract to only have Zhang, outside put of protect purple Yan of body have already been greatly a decrease, if isn't 80% torpedos to all turn to lay siege to thunder breeze, and then have40 to fly Wei resultant force to send out Huang to only help each

[url=http://www.os-connect.com/shop/cheap_mlb_jerseys.html]wholesale mlb jerseys[/url] criminal charges department the Lan is on you and see your Ling tooth Li Chi incredibly and almost persuade me, at law court on, are youpromise well to absolve from blame for myself, why the need for feel frightened?The gram beautiful silk still and unconcernedly says.See this road go impassability,

[url=http://oakleyoutlet.ucoz.com/]oakley outlet[/url] Smells give a long whistle a voiceFrom far and near, the Sa benefit show title hopes to go, through the in multiple layers green spirit, still it is thus clear that arrive one regimentthe black spirit is flown soon and since then by the sky in the afar, arrived valley above and then stop notMove,

[url=http://cheapsacramentokingsjerseys.tripod.com/]cheap sacramento kings jerseys for sale[/url] is to will never provoke Lai D Kingdom, I don't hope to see the challenge from northern frontier at the moment.The lotus section Er Si threea life times act with due care and respect ground to say.I equally don't intend to make I be come from three attacking from both flanks of noodleses and lay

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